The top provider of commercial fire alarm system protection services, Elite Electric Industries offers system design, sales, installation, inspections, maintenance, and repair. Because of our 20 years of expertise, our team of fire safety specialists, our dedication to putting the needs of our clients first, and our service area coverage in New York and New Jersey, numerous company industries look to us for end-to-end fire protection services.

Elite Electric Industries Fire has been offering fire prevention services to a variety of businesses throughout New Jersey for over 20 years. If you operate a business in New Jersey and require fire alarm system protection, look no further than Elite Electric Industries.

Make sure your commercial property in New Jersey is fireproof. To arrange an appointment, call Elite Electric Industries at (551) 242 3414 or contact us online.


You can keep your facility and its occupants safe with fire alarm systems, such as addressable ones.


    • Fire Alarm Inspection – Elite Electric Industries can assess the efficacy and relevance of your property’s fire protection systems in accordance with the most recent National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards.
    • Fire Alarm Repair
    • Fire Alarm Monitoring


    • Central Station Monitoring ¬†Your commercial property’s fire alarm and sprinkler systems will be regularly monitored by our¬†Listed Monitoring Station, guaranteeing that they are in excellent working order at all times.

    Integrated System

    The total safety and security of your building is greatly enhanced by a fire protection system that is integrated with closed-circuit television (CCTV), access control, and other security measures. Complex integrated systems require thorough planning to ensure successful implementation.

    CCTV: The use of cameras in conjunction with this well-liked monitoring system frequently serves to curb crime. When thieves and vandals still have the audacity to do an illegal act, the incident is documented on camera to support legal action.

    For residential, commercial, and industrial fire protection services for New Jersey, choose Elite Electric Industries.

    Select Elite Electric Industries for New Jersey Fire Protection Services.

    Elite Electric Industries is approved by All Fire Protection Equipment. Our team provides comprehensive solutions for a variety of commercial fire protection and safety systems. We can handle everything from installing commercial kitchen fire suppression systems to replenishing portable fire extinguishers and checking dry-pipe sprinklers.

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    Numerous services are offered at Elite Electric Industries to assist with providing, inspecting, maintaining, testing, and repairing fire prevention equipment and systems of various kinds.

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